Frutti di bosco alt

Frutti di bosco did

The tradition of our mushrooms is born from the care in the research and the selection of these flavours and from the passion for fine food.
The company’s main activity is collecting, processing and distributing of wild and cultivated mushrooms and vegetables and this is synonymous of quality and natural- ness, thanks to the care in selecting raw materials.






We pay particular attention to the training of Greens Food personnel, in Italy and abroad, with several adjournments in order to ensure high product quality standards.
After a careful selection at the source, mushrooms are subjected to further quality controls carried out in our plants. We can thus respond to the needs of modern food industries: high yield, ho- mogeneity and constant quality.
Greens Food Company has carried out a Quality Management system accord- ing to UNI eN IsO 22000, IFs and BRC standards, to guarantee reliability to customer.
Greens Food is certified also for the supply BIO mushrooms and vegetables.